Promotion & Discount Policy

How our cash back or voucher offers works

At times we may run cash back and voucher promotions for any Life or critical illness policy purchased through ourselves. If you qualify for the cash back or vouchers by purchasing a policy we will then pay you a cash back equivalent to your first monthly premium. An example, if your monthly premium is £19.80, you would receive £19.80 cash back. The cash back is payable only when your policy goes active, and is paid no later than three calendar months after your policy start date. Maximum cash back per household is £150.00 regardless of monthly premium paid. Vouchers will be offered on the same terms but rounded to the nearest 10. An example would be a £19.00 premium being rounded to a £20.00 voucher.

Free will writing packs

At times we may offer a free will writing pack with any Life or critical illness policy purchased through ourselves. On request we will send a will writing kit to you in the post no later than 28 working days after your policy has started. Only one will writing kit per household. Will writing is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Discounted Rates

At times we offer up to 20% off the standard ‘SET’ prices by the Insurance Companies Direct. This is achieved by us sacrificing a certain amount of the commission earned from the Insurer for arranging the policy. This in turn reduces the monthly premiums payable by the customer